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We will give your blinds a new shine. We can come pick up the blinds for a heavy cleaning, or do a light cleaning right on the spot. Blinds can collect a large amount of dust which if not cleaned regularly will begin to compact and stick the blinds, making it more difficult to clean properly. With our help that old dust can be cleaned away leaving your blinds to look beautiful.

High Tech Cleaning

The pride and joy of our blind cleaning arsenal is our ultra sonic cleaning tub. The ultra sonic tub combines special chemicals and high frequency vibrations in order to loosen up the the dirt off of any dirty blinds. The tub uses a two step process which is divided into two sections. The first half of the tub is mean for cleaning where the blinds are soaked for several minutes. the second half is for rinsing, again the blinds are soaked for a few minutes so as to remove any left over dirt and chemicals. after the blinds have been cleaned they are hung out to dry before being returned to the owner.


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