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We specialize in two things: exceptional customer service and detailed professional cleaning. We are local, professionally trained, and experienced, proudly serving Snohomish and King County since 2006. We use some of the best carpet cleaning technology on the market. Our Rotovac rotational agitation wand together with the HydraMaster truck mounted carpet cleaning machine deliver a top of the line carpet cleaning solution. Our state of the art technology combined with nearly 10 years of experience and professional training brought us a 5 star rating on Google, and helped us to help others with their dirty carpets.

White Glove Cleaning LLC. is a small, family-owned and run business. This means that when you call our number to schedule a carpet cleaning, or ask for a free estimate, the person who picks up the phone will be the same person who comes to your house to do the job. You will not be talking to a secretary, whose sole purpose is to schedule appointments; or an automated answering robot. When you call us, you will be speaking directly with the owners.

High Tech Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning system is top of the line. Using a combination of high agitation, heat, and suction, combined with over five years of experience allows us to bring you the best cleaning solution.

The ROTOVAC powered wand gives us the ability to agitate your carpet with up to 15000 multi directional rotations per minute. Most of our competitors use a normal non powered wand which can only do about 40 rotations per minute depending on the user. Combining the rotovac powered wand with our hydromaster truckmount machine which allows us to apply scolding hot water and powerful extraction allows us to get as much dirt and soil out of your carpet as possible.


Commercial, Non-Residential Only Pricing

Studio $49-$59

1 bedroom apt $49-$59

2 bedroom apt $59-$69

3 bedroom apt $69-$89

1 bedroom town home $79-$99

2 bedroom town home $89-$109

3 bedroom town home $99-$119

4 bedroom town home $109-$129

Stairwells Per Step $2.5-$3.5

Residential Homes $0.20-$0.35sq/ft

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