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When it comes to hard floors, we scrub, scrape, wash, re-seal, and re-finish to make your floor look clean again. We spend our time to make sure we leave your floor sparkling clean. Hard floors over time become faded and damaged, as you walk on the floor day to day, the shine slowly disappears with little scratches showing up out of nowhere.

With our service you can bring you hard floor back to life, restore its shine and get rid of those small damages. If you are not happy with how your floors look, don`t hesitate to give us a call.

High Tech Cleaning

Using our square scrub machine combined with floor stripping chemicals allow us to strip off all of the old wax sealant and dirt off of your floor. Doing this allows us to reapply new floor sealant and wax, bringing the shine back to your beautiful floor. The square scrub machine is heavy which allows us to apply a large amount of pressure to the floor, that way when we apply one of our specialty scrubbing pads we will get the best stripping results.

After we scrub your floor we go over and trouble spots with a special floor scraper to get any wax the floor scrubber did not, this way when the new wax is applied there will not be any dull spots in your floor.


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